Watch Box for 10 Wood Finish Extra Large Compartments Fits 63mm Soft Cushions Burlwood

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Montego Watch Box is our collection of wood boxes by Tech Swiss. Showcase your timepieces in this XL Montego box for 10 watches.The Montego box is a well-designed box with XL wide compartments to hold large watches, soft cushions to fit both men's or ladies watches and extra clearance for over-sized timepieces. The interior is lined, and each compartment comes with a soft removable cushion. The lid is inlaid with a glass window, and is attached by two hinges. The bottom is lined with velvet and tabs to prevent scratches on surfaces. This attractive looking chest is a efficient way to store your most valuable timepieces. Watch box can be placed on a desk, night stand or dresser. Case Dimensions: 14 1/2" L x 8 1/2" W x 3 3/4" H Compartment Size: 3 3/4" L x 2 1/2" W x 2 3/4H


  • Watch Box for 10 XL Large Timepieces with Glass Display Window- Burlwood Finish
  • Watch Box Can be Placed on a Desk, Night Stand or Dresser. Perfect for Those who Collect Watches
  • Wood Constructed Watch Box Accommodates 10 Watches, Beige Interior, Large Storage Wells, Clearance, and See-thru
  • Large Hold Watches (Fits Watch Cases up to 63mm) Soft Cushions to fit Ladies and Mens Watches or Bracelets, Watch Case Provides Wide Compartments, and Clearance in Lid
  • Watch Case Dimension: 14.5" L x 8.5" W x 3.75" H Compartment Size: L 3.75" x W 2.5" x H 2.75"
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