10 Slot Carbon Fiber Leather Watch Box Window Display Case

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Modern style meets sporty design. TechSwiss, watch box features carbon fiber pattern with glass see lid made especially for watches. With an impressive design, this functional watch case is perfect for everyday storage. The watch case is crafted in simulated black carbon fiber pattern, accommodates 10 oversize watches, soft removable cushions to fit both men and ladies watches, or bracelets (Fits Watch Cases Up To 60mm), interior is lined in charcoal grey, large storage wells, and clearance. 
Watch Box for 10 Large Timepieces Impressive Carbon Fiber Design with Display Window
Accommodates 10 Watches, Charcoal Grey Interior, Large Storage Wells, Clearance, and Glass Lid
Watch Case Dimension: 12.5" L x 8.5" W x 3.0" H Compartment Size: L 4.0" x W 2.5" x H 2.25
Watch Box Can be Placed on a Desk, Night Stand or Dresser. Perfect for Those who Collect Watches- Complementary Microfiber Cloth
Compartments Hold Watches (Fits Watch Cases up to 60mm) Soft Cushions to fit Ladies and Mens Watches or Bracelets, Watch Case Provides Wide Compartments, and Clearance in Lid
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