Watch Band Expansion Stretch Metal Stretch Gold Plated Mens 16mm -20mm


TechSwiss watch band features a mens expansion stretch flexible gold plated will fit sizes 16mm to 22mm. Watch band length is 6". The stretch band comes with straight spring ends that fit 16-22mm watch cases. Band length can be shortened. 

  • Watch Band Expansion Metal Stretch Band Gold-Tone Mens
  • Replacement Strap Fits Most Cases with Straight 16mm, 18mm, 20mm Case Openings
  • Length of Band: 5.75 Length Thickness of Band: 3.0mm
  • Band Offers Link Style Design that Can Be Shortened
  • Expansion Watch Band can Update your Watch or Replace a Broken Band without Spending alot of Money


Give your watch a new life with a TechSwiss expansion watchband. Update your watch with new style, flexibility and comfort stretch band. Expansion strap allow for easy slip on without the hassle of buckles and clasps. We offer a large variety of styles with straight or curved ends, widths (Mens-16mm-24mm Ladies 12mm-14mm), colors (Silver-tone, Gold-tone, Two-tone, Black), textures and band lengths including regular (6”) to XL length (7”) that will complement any watch. Band length can be shorten

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