Tie Box Neck Bow Storage for 9 Organizer Case Leather Brown Glass Window


Keep your ties neatly organized in this stylish tie and belt box by Tech Swiss. This features 9 separated sections to store ties and belts. The box is crafted with a glass top, which displays your valuables while preventing them from gathering dust. It is a stylish and functional that can be displayed above a bureau or stashed securely in the closet. It is a sophisticated piece that makes a great gift for men of all ages. The box is also designed with a simple lock. The box comes with a set of keys that can be used to unlock the box. The interior lining features a geometric design and navy blue/grey color scheme. It is a great piece for stashing ties securely, without ruining or wrinkling them. Box Dimension: L 14.25" x W 10.75" x H 4" Compartment Size: 4.50" x 3.5" x 3" H Exclusively by Tech Swiss


  • Organize ties, belts in this stylish leather valet-great way to store and prevent wrinkling
  • The case provides 9 compartment, multi-partitions divider and lift-up lid
  • Exceptional quality single-level black leather case, glass lid and frontal lock and key
  • Interior of the valet is lined with geometric design and navy blue/grey color scheme
  • Box dimension: l 14.25" x w 10.75" x h 4" compartment size: 4.50" x 3.5" x 3" h
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