Swatch Style Watch Band Black Italian Leather 19mm


Swatch Style Watch Band - This Italian leather watch strap features a special padded design that tapers down at the buckle for added comfort. The strap is a calf leather band, padded that tapers down for little bulk at the buckle, stainless steel buckle only, soft leather lining and matching stitching for durability. The strap is available in sizes: 19mm
Band Features:
Color: Black

  • 19mm Swatch Style Watch Band Black Italian Leather Strap Silver-Tone Buckle
  • Band Made for Comfort Lite Padded Tappering Down at Buckle with No Added Bulk
  • Band Length: 4 7/8" Hole Side and 3 3/4" Buckle Side, including Buckle
  • Strap is Slightly Tapered Cut with Matching Stitching for Durability
  • Matte Silver-tone Stainless Steel Clasp


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