Roll up Watch Case Organizer for Apple Watch Bands Straps Accessories Brown


The Roll Up is great for organizing watches, watch bands and straps, pens, watch repair tools, cords cables, ear buds, and more. Store and protect your favorite collection of watches with a space-saving roll. Just roll it up, and secure it with the tie. They come in a variety of color options including black/black, brown/brown, and black/red. Our roll-ups are perfect for storing valuables or your tech items, and compact enough to place in a dresser drawer, safe, vault or slip into a carry-on. They make great gifts for gentlemen or that Tech-Savvy person!


Watch ROLL UP ORGANIZER – XL Roll up offers 5 XL Large storage compartments (75mm) and 2 smaller spaces (38mm and 40mm), designed with a flap to protect and to prevent items from scratching and falling out, and a tie secures it.
STYLISH ROLL UP ORGANIZER FOR GENTLEMEN AND TECH-SAVVY – all-in-one organizer that is great for storing and protecting XL watches (fits watches up to 55mm), jewelry, pens OR cords, cables, chargers, head-phones and more!
DESIGN Roll UP ORGANIZER – Functional! Perfect trendy accessory for any collectors, traveler, or person who like to be organized. Also available in several color options - Classic black/black, Rustic brown/brown, and Trendy black/red
ROLL UP MEASURES - Unrolled 7.5” H by 18” W Tie Measures: 20”
The Roll Up makes great gift for Gentlemen or that Tech-Savvy person!

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