Genuine Lizard Watch Band Light Blue Band Quick-Release 12mm -22mm


Tech Swiss watch band features genuine baby blue lizard strap, slightly padded, silver-tone or gold tone polish finish Stainless Steel buckle, Nubuck lining, ladies or men's-standard length, slightly tapered cut, reinforced stitching around the band and quick release  spring bars. Watchband is available in sizes 12mm, - 22mm. 


  • Watch Band Genuine Lizard Baby Blue Handmade Strap
  • Strap is Slightly Padded and Slightly Tapered Cut with Matching Stitching for Durability
  • Stainless Steel or Gold-tone Polish Finish Buckle Hypoallergenic and Nubuck Lining
  • Quick-Release Stainless Steel Spring Bars 
  • Ladies Band Length 12mm - 14mm : 4" Hole Side and 2 3/4" Buckle Side, including Buckle
  • Mens Band Length  16mm - 22mm : 4 1/2" Hole Side and 3 1/4" Buckle Side, including Buckle
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