Genuine Crocodile Padded & Stitched Watch Band in Royal Blue - Quick Release


Tech Swiss watch band features genuine crocodile royal blue strap, lightly padded, polish finish Stainless Steel buckle, Nubuck lining, standard length, slightly tapered cut, reinforced stitching around the band and quick release built-in spring bars. The watchband is available in 12mm -22mm.



  • Watch Band Genuine Crocodile Royal Blue 
  • Band Lightly Padded, Slightly Tapered and Matching Reinforced Stitching Around Band
  • Quick Release Built-in Spring Bars
  • Stainless Steel Buckle Hypoallergenic and Nubuck Lining
  • 12mm - 14mm Band Length: 4" Hole Side and 3" Buckle Side, including Buckle
  • 16mm -  22mm Band Length: 4.5" Hole Side and 3.5" Buckle Side, including Buckle
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