18mm Watch Band Metal Stainless Steel Solid Mens MET340-18


Techswiss watch band features a mens metal link style band in stainless steel with double fold-over clasp. The band offers a stainless steel solid links style with a brushed satin and mirror finish. The band comes with straight ends that fit 18mm watch cases. The clasp comes with a double fold-over closure. Link width is 18mm. Band thickness is 4.5mm. Buckle width is 20mm. Adjustable Band length is 7" 


  • 18mm Mens Watch Band Solid Stainless Steel Metal Link Style - Straight Ends
  • Length of Band: 7' Max Length Thickness of Band: 4.5mm
  • Replacement Strap Fits Most Cases with Straight 18mm Case Openings
  • Double Buckle Width: 20mm. Adjustable Band Length
  • Band Offers Polish and Brushed Satin Finish and Double Fold-Over Clasp
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