What Size Watch Band Do I Need?

TechSwiss bands are designed to fit a variety of watch case sizes. Use the following watch band size guide to make sure you have the correct size for your watch. Check out this short video from our parent company WatchMaterial to learn more about how to size your watch band.

The easiest way to find the right size for your watch band is by looking at the watch band you are trying to replace. Take a look at the interior of your watch band. You may find a number there. If you see any numbers (such as 18, 20, 22, for example) that is the size of your band in millimeters (or mm). Make sure to find a replacement band that is the same size as the band you are trying to replace.

 If your band does not have the number printed on it, then you should measure the width of the band to see how wide it is. Measure the distance from one edge of the band to the other to get the width of the band. Make sure to use to conversion chart below to find out the size of your band in millimeters. Watch band sizes are always shown in millimeters. Make sure to use a measuring gauge if it is available. 


Watch Band Width Size Chart:

Watch band width size measures the distance between the two prongs on the watch case. This value is measured in millimeters. If your watch band is measured in inches, use the following chart to determine the watch band width in millimeters. 

Inches       Millimeters
1/4 6
5/16 8
11/32 9
3/8 10


15/32 12
1/2 13
9/16 14
19/32 15
5/8 16
21/32 17
11/16 18
3/4 19
25/32 20
13/16 21
7/8 22
15/16 24